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Problem 110 Easy Difficulty

In Section $8.6,$ we considered a rocket fired in outer space where there is no air resistance and where gravity is negligible. Suppose instead that the rocket is accelerating vertically upward from rest on the earth's surface. Continue to ignore air resistance and consider only that part of the motion where the altitude of the rocket is small so that $g$ may be assumed to be constant. (a) How is Eq. $(8.37)$ modified by the presence of the gravity force? (b) Derive an expression for the acceleration $a$ of the rocket, analogous to Eq. $(8.39)$ . (c) What is the acceleration of the rocket in Example $\& 15$ (Section 8.6 if it is near the earth's surface rather than in outer space? You can ignore air resistance. (d) Find the speed of the rocket in Example 8.16 (Section 8.6$)$ after 90 s if the rocket is fired from the earth's surface rather than in outer space. You can ignore air resistance. How does your answer compare with the rocket speed calculated in Example 8.16$?$


(a) $m \frac{d v}{d t}=-m g-v_{e x} \frac{d m}{d t}$
(b) $a=\frac{d v}{d t}=-\frac{v_{\mathrm{c}}}{m} \frac{d m}{d t}-g$
(c) $=10.2 \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}^{2}$
(d) $2445 \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "I have driven here it is giving. Then it did 1 45 m above the ground. A rocket traveling vertically apart at constant speed off 8.5 m per second related to the ground. Launch a second rocket. Uh, let me talk for a second on TV above it. So second rockets to be launched. Will this be not booby? Go ahead and meet up our second. And and we're not. I will be 53 degrees if we neglect that air The distance first be a pickle plate. What for? Gentle and vertical velocity off second rocket First big respecto esplanade sitting in the rocket but and rocket one second part Mission Control on the ground and we have to find initial non jungle elbow off. Secondly, Lockett at me here tonight Mission control on the ground See? But what makes some height? The gun that second judoka teach maximum height off our lettuces Start solving it with Denver Since that country vertically Oberto reported and right will be 40 back sexes Oh launching off second rocket are two second rocket After launching second rocket, it helped extra video and a vice can do minus t related program. No in the part of it, but let's be off second. Rocky in horror. Gentle direction. Well course occupant three. 7.7 toe meter per second on relatively up second rocket along by exes will be girl Sign off puppetry that is 9.5 m per second. Second, but velocity off rocket that is first Rocket Billy. Respect to ground along XX is little. I velocity off us pocket Big respect ground along by accepted a 25 m per second. So where does it do you up? Second rocket business background along XX is believe velocity off second rocket with respect to second rocketing off XX is less relative Dio first Property building Respectful ground enough XX is but it is zero, so you will get 7.72 meter per second. No velocity off second rocket business background along by excess. Well, that's it to your second rocket along by exist unless balance video plus drop it with the spectre ground along by exists. So it will be 9.5 less 8.5, So it would be then being point 1 m person B. But velocity off second rocket with respect to grow. Who got Bella City? Your second rocket with respect to ground along XX is less well, a city off second rocket with respect to grow and all why exists? It would be several quite seven to well, it's square 11 in 18.1 holy square. After solving it, you will get 90.5. Look up our second. It would be in the direction off l for big hurry gentle that would return in worse off Bt as by upon better city off second rocket with respect to ground along biases. But it's a second drop it with respect to ground along xx is that is 10 inwards up a 3.1 upon 7.72 So it will be 68 12 year degree. No see, but But it depends on secondly, docket heads by not but 45 meeting We not buy it 80.1 m per second acceleration is minus 9.8 m per second, squared on de vie to be zero so by minus by not you can write Levi's square minus be not by script on duty. Why? Why not? Is 1 45 This is you know minus 18.1 over the square upon minus nine. Point it on solving maximum high over the phone. Second rocket having once extremely limited. So second rocket, having no second rocket is 1 62 m about the crowd, then we're watching it."}

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