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Problem 54 Hard Difficulty

In Section 9.2 we derive the identity $\sin 2 x=2 \sin x \cos x$. Use this to graph $y=\sin x \cos x$ for one period.



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Video Transcript

So the question gives this identity sign off. Two X is equal to to sign ICS Call Sign X so, providing both sides by two We get 1/2 sign off. Two X is equal to sign eggs. Co sign X. So if we want to draw the graph of Y is equal to sign X Co sign X, and that would be the same as wise. He could do one over to sign two X. So, basically, that's the graphic we want to draw. So this would be a graph with the now thinking of 1/2 and impede Ian off part. So that's the first, if I calculate to pick it. So the period is actually to pie divided by two, which is a pie. And now, before we convey autographed, let's set up our axes so the amplitude is 1/2 so we draw a horizontal line. It wise one after another person line that Y is equal to negative 1/2 so the graph will be bombed in the Y direction by these troops for the next hour. We are not just at I over four on the X axis by over 23 pile or four and high using these be in our hearts. So that is the graph off. Why is he quick to sign Mexico signings?

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