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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

Industry The operator of a backhoe changes the distance between the cab and the bucket by changing the angle formed by the arms. In which position is the distance from the cab to the bucket greater? Explain.


the second position


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Video Transcript

you have, Ah, picture of a backhoe that has the cab on the left and the bucket on the right. And the bucket is connected by two arms. And since it is the same backo than the arm, lengths are corresponding. And Congress, by hinge there, um, the side opposite of the largest angle is going to be your longest side. And the side opposite of the smallest angle is gonna be your smallest side. So in this diagram, because 101 degrees is greater than 70 degrees, that means side. Why is going to be greater than side X? The bucket will be farther from the cab in diagram with side. Why?

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