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Problem 116

Magnesium Isotopes Compute the mass number, $X,$…

Problem 115

Infer Sulfur's average atomic mass is close to the whole
number $32 .$ Chlorine's average atomic mass is 35.453 ,
which is not a whole number. Suggest a possible reason
for this difference.


-Sulphur. the most abundant isotope of Sulphur has the highest abundance percentage in all Sulphur's isotopes.
- Chlorine's isotope's abundance is close to each other and close to 50$\%$ each, which make the total atomic abundance
is close to each other.



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Video Transcript

in this example, chlorine has to I Stokes one in which it is 35. Anyone in which it is 36 sense The rip resulting number is about 35.4 expections. Isabel, even about 50 50% of Warren has found the 35 state persons of 30 60. Therefore, it's mass number is not around to number and instead is a an average of the two.

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