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Problem 7

Solving a Differential Equation In Exercises $7-1…


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Problem 6

Integration and Differentiation In Exercises 5 and 6 verify the statement by showing that the derivative of the right side equals the integrand on the left side.
$\int\left(8 x^{3}+\frac{1}{2 x^{2}}\right) d x=2 x^{4}-\frac{1}{2 x}+C$


See the solution for the answer.


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Video Transcript

We need to show that to relive the right hand side is equal to the integration of the left hand side. So I need to do to take the truth. The right hand side. That's Deaniacs. Two hours to the fourth fine. US one over two. See matters exactly. Thanks. My nose, Jax. One Looks like one close. Thanks. Exactly what the X? Buy this one times. Negative two. Look, that's exactly the attacks plus one over to X squared. Well, those

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