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Problem 5 Easy Difficulty

Integration and Differentiation In Exercises 5 and 6 verify the statement by showing that the derivative of the right side equals the integrand on the left side.
$\int\left(-\frac{6}{x^{4}}\right) d x=\frac{2}{x^{3}}+C$


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Video Transcript

question five. They want us to their high. So you em negative six over X to the board. The ex equals two over X huge plus c. So this is two X to the negative three plus c on the right hand side. So if I just take this derivative right here, I'm gonna stay. ***. Three climbs to which is negative. Six negative six. And then I attract another one, and I'd get X to the negative for which would put it in the denominator. And that would be my function. So I would have of negative six over Exit four plus c, of course.