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Problem 35 Easy Difficulty

Is $\mathrm{MgCl}_{2}$ an empirical or a molecular formula for magnesium chloride? Explain.


both the ratio of atoms and the actual number of atoms


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Video Transcript

So it's Ah m g c s u r m perico or Marchal Funder for Maris iam Cory. So, in order to answer the question, we have to note her definition. Are empirical a molecular formula? So both of them they have to show all the element. But for empirical foreigner, we're looking at us seem this way. Show off all the, um, elements. The number off the animals. Simplest way show, but from welcome Move forward or we're looking at except lumber. Okay, so, um, we know the definition of both. Um when we go, better look at our maxim. Call Rice. Oh, man. Simcoe, right. Would be, um Ah, energy cell. It's you and this show. See how to. And if we actually think about this compound, actually, it's the only compound. There's I only compound. Okay, so, four Alec Calm punk. Um, be counting irons and also it if he's assaulted. And if you just saw it Ah, structure. Actually, it's Ah, it's stick. The former crystal structure. So for crystal structure is that they have, um, very regular order structure and they Colin seeing magnesium and Cora, I Okay, so in that solid structure Ah, for magnesium and Cory I end. They they are, you know, special formation. And then they have Ah, they're going to repeat this formation or confirmation Ah, in three dimensional, off, different direction to have americium core. Ay, Cristo. So if we actually give the, um the except lumber, it will be really, really large. Really, really large. It would depend how lateral crystal and also depend all the dimension. So formalism core I actually, we're showing the same this way Show to show that ngc outs you. Is that off? Ah, repeating You did repeating ah, units off. Something that ihsaa repeating confirmation or something that this out That's more so again, if one should impala cuter form without off that Madison call, right, I think it won't be practical. And also, uh, we just don't know, but it is that we are going to shoulder and free call for and Formula Thio two. How show that we're looking at this on the compound. So for this case, at your number, we don't know so But we are going to show the same persuasion. You know that we decided on the compound so mass in court for emergency out to form Assam car. It would be Africa for formula