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Problem 46 Easy Difficulty

Is there a point on the curve in Exercise 45 where the
osculating plane is parallel to the plane $x+y+z=1 ?$
[Note: You will need a CAS for differentiating, for sim-
plifying, and for computing a cross product.]




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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "The problem is, is there a point on the curve in exercise? Fifty three wires are us collecting Lying. Is I allowed to supplying X Plus y past? They got one. His answer is no. The reason is in exercise fifty three, we have our team If they caught you. Is Cuba great into four? The normal Lecter off This plane is one one one. Andi is a normal life too. The escalating plane is power now, too, B. Yeah, the first of a computer from he. Since this is equal to drain his squire three won't his cube. And here I write r t from my intuition about prom. This is the contributed nine into four plus nine plus sixteen into six. You know, I think this is a then Hey, if they caught you one over, eh? Yes. It's a function of tea. Three square three point is killed. Andi, Dear relative, it's the call to one over a two three. Over too. Here. This is negative. Once you ain't here too. Phelan plus twenty or camps too. A negative. Read house. Eighteen thousand into three plus forty eight. He too. Father fluffed his square terms three to four last night. This'LL work too, so here I liked to love to read Is the coat too negative? Eight two six Last nine Negative. Nine square minus twenty four times Teo or sixteen to Laugh plus And you we can say we is pile allow you he prompt e Wei is parallel to and she then behalf. It's a cross productive Are Trump's he just being listen prior? Allowed to be. But this is now more actor off the escalating play here I write down the result of I keep around Transfer Doctor B. This is called too fifty four. It's your father. Last fifty four House team last ninety six you two fell in negative eighteen to seven Conectiv eighteen into three Negative thirty two two nine on the negative. Eighty four. Forty eight thousand six Negative selling by seven into four my honest self. So if this worked is paranormal to want one well half the sign off three functions are the same But we can say if he is greater than zero signing off The first one is positive. Second one is negative on third one this negative when he is longer than zero So here This is negative. Positive, active, So size over the three functions. I'm not the same. Ah, here we assume she's not equal zero otherwise, if t z zero this'LL actors is equal to zero so it cannot not parallel to well, no one. So are escalating. Plane is not parallel to the plane explodes. Why passed a good one? Just compare to sign off this re functions they're not the same."}

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