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Problem 105 Hard Difficulty

Isobutylene is a hydrocarbon used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber. When 0.847 g of isobutylene was subjected to combustion analysis, the gain in mass of the $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ absorber was
2.657 $\mathrm{g}$ and that of the $\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}$ absorber was 1.089 $\mathrm{g} .$ What is the empirical formula of isobutylene?


empirical formula: $\mathrm{CH}_{2}$


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Video Transcript

So we are going to founder empirical fun O r so built and then how he is going to Ah, I was going to be so attracted to you. Our station, uh, to be specific. Accomplishing analysis. So we we have oxygen and then I burned and their podiums water and see what you on. We have Ah, Cyril Porn. A force of a gravel. Vilar's opening. And then we produce 1.81 point Wait nine gram of water and also 2.657 grandma also too. So what would be the empirical formula or eyes operated? Okay, first offal. Ah, again we have Thio bounds the chemical reaction. Unfortunately, we don't have the camera, Father are supposedly and so we cannot do that. So this thing is we're going Thio filed the lumber, most of hydrogen inhabitant. And then to stuff him, there would be we can't out to something else. Okay, so the number move of water being produced, you will be Ah, because the syrup 0.6 old five most and then for cabin you would be stupid. 0.657 d y by Ah, I mean it's you. It's you so 12. 16 just to so we will have cereal 0.6 old four most Okay, so we have the numbers on Morse off, um, water and carbons. Okay, So before I so building the initial Onley contain carbon that hydrogen from the name I know that it's ah, Kenya's only counting carbon the hydrogen. But we just don't know the on critical form of that. So what you're going to do instead of just going to found the number more of carbons from our results over here and also the limbo move all Hodgins. Okay, So for this case number move of carbons in coming down size, I mean, is each cos I'm having one carbon. So the number more carbon would be you see, a possible so far morph covent before water Each water have to hydrogen is we're going to modify the limbo. More water. Ah, ah, times too. So we have for lumber moves off Hodgins. Okay, so from here we have the mambo moves off cabins and also number move off. Ah, hydrogen. Um, And from the combustion reaction from the compression reaction, we know that, um, they're countin on Lee can come from the other building and also the hydrogen. It also only come from the as a present. So if we are going thio make away show off that we have so 0.6 so far to sue upon 1 to 1 on if you divide it Um, there's the smallest number off both Ah, for both number in the way show we supremacy was sold for You should be able to find that the way she'll be going. Calvin, that hydrogen will be 1 to 2. So way have your number removal of common. Is it sold for Hi. Uh, 100. We resume pulling several civil 1000.1 to 1. So we have C one h two asked. Ah.