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Problem 77 Hard Difficulty

Justify (3) for the case $ h < 0 $.


$f(n) \leq 9 \frac{(x+h)-g(x)}{h} \leq f(v)$

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Video Transcript

okay. We know the first thing we can look at is the extreme value theory, which says that there are two numbers we can just call him. You envy in this context in the range that that specifies that off of you is equivalent to, um and after v is capital at the's are absolute minimum and absolute maximum values. Therefore, what we have is g of excuse age minus G of axe divide by H, which is one over acts from acts to expose age off of t did to you. We know this is equivalent to so the problem asked us to justify So we're saying this is indeed equation 31 h is less than zero.