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Problem 43

Arrange the following subatomic particles in ordeā€¦


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Problem 42

Label the subatomic particles shown in Figure 4.22


A. the nucleus.
B. proton.
C. neutron.



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Video Transcript

no work well on a problem 42 from chapter four. And this problem, we're asked to label subatomic particles Shonan figure. So we have three labels. It see Hey, we can see is kind of a cloud around the nucleus. So since it's not in medically, as it has to be an electron, be when we zoom in on the nucleus, we can see that be, as is the orange particle. And for these particles, they're mostly kept separate. Very little interaction between the orange particles. So these should be protons because the if they positive charges come closer would make it unstable. And if we look at the blue particles particles seem, they can see that the blue particles are touching all over in the nucleus. And since neutrons are neutral, this is possible. So see, must be neutrons.

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