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Problem 2 Easy Difficulty

Let $g(x, y)=\sqrt{x^{2}+2 y^{2}} .$ Compute $g(1,1), g(0,-1),$ and $g(a, b)$.


$\sqrt{a^{2}+2 b^{2}}$


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Video Transcript

in this question. Well, even the function she x Why he goes to the square root on the X Square plus two y square and we want to compute a value on the function. When the execute you one, why would you want so we need to do we play the one into the X one into the y They began to square root in the one square, plus two times one square. Then we get equal to the square root under three. Now, the next one, we want to have a value one extra +20 Why could you minus one? They were getting close to the square root of zero square, plus two times minus one square. Then we get equal to the square root of the two and then we want to compute the value. One answer to why why could you be? Then we get into the square root in the I squared, plus two be square and that's gonna be the answer for the first part. Second part on the third part