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Problem 7

A parallel beam of light in air makes an angle of…


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Problem 6

Light of a certain frequency has a wavelength of 526 nm in water. What is the wavelength of this light in benzene?


$$467 \mathrm{nm}$$



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Video Transcript

the relationship off the water and the benzene rev lands and the refracting extreme brutalize a lambda who w for water times the times the refractory next and in the water should be equal Thio lender in a benzene times the refractive index in a Benz E So we are asked to find it Wayland for light in the benzene so we can write to level And the new benzene conclude today's are solving for lambda W, um and fly by N w and w solving for Lambda B for benzene. Then we get this is a B. It looks like Hansard so and then here we will get here and be Ah, we can look for the values off are reflecting next off water and benzene in the temple and, uh, prevalent in water. Then we can plug the value from the question and the answer here we get here is, uh so the water Roland won't apply times 1.334 water and you are 1.5 or one fire for one for benzene. Then the Lambda we get here is for benzene is three 8999 millimeter nano meter. End of the problem. Thank you for watching

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