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Problem 16 Easy Difficulty

Make a careful sketch of the graph of $ f $ and below it sketch the graph of $ f' $ in the same manner as in Exercises 4-11. Can you guess a formula for $ f'(x) $ from its graph?

$ f(x) = \sin x $


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Video Transcript

in this problem. It is asked to make a careful sketch of the graph of F and below it. A sketch the graph F dash In the same manner as in exercises 4-11. Can you guess the formula for F--X from its craft? Great. So here we know this is a sign girl, right? By is equal to X. Is equal to sine X. So, we know about this side X. All right. So here the differentiation of uh cynics will be cause it's Okay. So this is also given by 19 minus theta or sign 90 plus X will be transformed into cost tita. Or you can see here I'm writing cause X. Because we are using ambulance cause X. Nd form X ray. So you're a real big X. Okay, so now we noticed that means the you can see the curve of Cossacks will start from here From 90 degree late 1990 plus 10 is given to us. Right? So in this way we will just project it in this way this this web form will start from here. Okay, remember this. So this will give me like this. Right? So that's gonna give me. Right, okay. So is it the same I'm getting here. 123. This is 12. This is 12. Okay. Two. Yeah. Mhm. Okay. Mhm. Mhm. Right, so here we have plotted the uh plotted to drive for cause eggs here. Right, so this is basically we can say that in this way we plot this formula. So this will be uh signed 90 plus X equals two Cossacks here. Right. One thing and we know the differentiation of cynics that is classics. Okay, So this is how we solve this problem, and same as before. The cycle will remain to to buy here, right? And then again, it starts from the same here, right? So from to find its again, starting the same thing. Okay, so this is how we have solved this problem. Thank you for watching.