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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Match the differential equation with its direction field (labeled I-IV). Give reasons for your answer.
$ y' = 2 - y $


$$y=2, y^{\prime}=0$$


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Video Transcript

you're getting a differential equation. And four slope fields of defense were asked to find Silk Field, which corresponds to this defense. Why this boat fields are one to three and four Turbine will find equilibrium solutions for this equation. So you know that y si solution. You know it we have why crime disease zero is equal to minus fly. Is he U minus or what? To the only political solution? You Why therefore, we should expect the horizontal last light was too. You see that you have one three have this force on glass into I feel for So the answer is one the term which of these is so field his initial values. So why zero? The solution? This initial value would have smoke X equals zero. Uh, my you and you See that graph one y zero? No, Oregon is going to me Zero for a graph one. And you see that? So no three smoke origin A positive number. So include that Well feel free