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Problem 22 Easy Difficulty

Match the equation with its graph (labeled I-VIII). Give reasons for your choice.

$ 9x^2 + 4y^2 + z^2 = 1 $



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Video Transcript

So for problem 22. We want to match the equation with its respective figure. So in this case, what we're given is a nine X squared plus four y squared plus Z squared equals one. This is going to be an ellipse oId. So that's the first thing that's helpful. But what's going to differentiate it from the other lip sides? Well, what's gonna differentiate it is the A value the B value and the C value. Recall that this, um the Ellipse ovoid form is X squared over a squared. So in order to get a nine here, are is gonna be one third in order to get a four. Here are B is going to be one half in order to get a one here, R C is going to be one. Using this information. We see that the lips oId um is more elongated along the Z axis. Um, and the one which is the C value than the number under Z squared is greater than the one half and the one third. So because it's more elongated along the Z axis, we see that figure four is going to be our correct answer