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Problem 21 Easy Difficulty

Match the parametric equations with the graphs (labeled I-VI). Give reasons for your choices.

$ x = t \cos t $ , $ y = t $ , $ z = t \sin t $ , $ t \ge 0 $




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Video Transcript

the problem is much of the parametric equations. Ways well, offs your reasons for your choices. You're actually able to tee times society wise because teen, see if he could He'd hands scientist on peace. Gretel and zero. So we're half square us wise. Last three square. It's the continent e squared. So this is why square this question is a corn. So it means that how's the points on this curve? Uh um a chord. I squired past a square in court. Why score now? The fool cat, the grafts. So only number to satisfy this condition. So we have. The graph is number two.