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Problem 55

Find the slope of the tangent line to the given p…


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Problem 54

Match the polar equations with the graphs labeled I-VI. Give reasons for your choices. (Don't use a graphing device.)
(a) $ r = \ln \theta $, $ \; 1 \leqslant \theta \leqslant 6\pi \qquad $ (b) $ r = \theta^2 $, $ \; 0 \leqslant \theta \leqslant 8\pi $
(c) $ r = \cos 3\theta \qquad $ (d) $ r = 2 + \cos 3\theta $
(e) $ r = \cos(\theta/2) \qquad $ (f) $ r = 2 + \cos(3\theta/2) $


a) $VI$
b) III
c) II
d) $IV$
e) The corresponding graph is $V$
f) $I$


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Video Transcript

So, Joe, do the match up from the function on the left. Um, the graph on the right here. Well, I tried you big single woman first, So don't come the function for this type Here. You see, this one? It isn't me. Is if you do the match up here hand write it first. Anyway, we'll include increased the very fast and after the increased Mr Lowe and isn't it will be and has the standing won't and wanting. So I don't I I wanna be on because that and Anna down the lock will increase very slow when the tigers very big means that this one will go to this one. Because as the teeter increasing the land under deter increase its face flow and crisp on gender radio, where us from this one here we see it doesn't correspond to the B because in the rate of the random increase under constant Wait, no, We see that on Lee, the eye here and ah, we're not going through the center and the only places that I'm going, I'm going through. This isn't there will be calling for the d and for the air because we have a lot of this one. We had a blast. Yeah. Uh, yeah, that's right. And because we have here always, it would be a good did you? A great it a lancer are Connecticut zero. And also that you have as well. Because Julie Joe here, no father graph cannot go through the origin, and we see him. And of course, I met you. Did I? Well, I just wanted to do the three lives, and that's why doesn't go to Anna. I hear gender Julia on dhe, and it means that the last one f Here you go do, uh my bad. Listen, we're not what you hear this when we go to hear that it isn't. You know that you're here. And now the the treaty Attackers punching two lives. So this one single do this one on. We have never would only the last one here. I love this one.

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