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Problem 70

Meat consumption in the United States can be broken into three categories: red meat, poultry, and
fish. If fish makes up 4$\%$ less than one-quarter of poultry consumption, and red meat consumption is
18.2$\%$ higher than poultry consumption, what are the percentages of meat consumption?""l


Alaska produces $17 \%$
Texas produces $20 \%$
Gulf of Mexico produces $27 \%$



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Video Transcript

All right, Question 70. Um, take the meat consumption in the United States, breaking into three categories. Red meat, poultry and fish. Um, the idea. So the question says that if fish makes up 4% less than 1/4 of the poultry consumption and red meat consumption is 18.2 percent higher than poultry consumption. Then what are the percentages of meat? Uh, consumption. All right, So first of all, we're only breaking this down into three categories. That means, um o r plus P was equals 100. I understand. Okay. And fish is which is, um, 4% less than 1/4 of poultry. So you do 1/4 of poultry, you subtract 4% from that. That's people your fish. And then the last one, red meat consumption. ISS consumption is 18 point to higher than poultry. So 18 poultry +12 all right. And so I think we're doing pretty good, right? So let's, um next step would be tape this expression and put it in for us. Take this expression here and put it in our studying for our and then we'll have one equation. Has Onley peas for the variable. Okay, So we have, um, plus 18.2. Plus he plus one for hey. Minus four equals one. All right. So I substituted both my expressions into there. Um, so I add a click like terms here. So one p to p. Poor piece. That B 2.25 to 1/4 he And then, um I need, uh, move these over to the other side's 100 4 minus 18 2 you went to which is 85.8. All right, then. Divide that. But t five get bow. 38.13 It's called 38 1 one. Okay, that means that our he's gonna eat that same number plus 18 2 I'll be 56.3, right? And then for s we D'oh! One for the hey, buy this for So war divided, but minus four. Just 5.5 to 5. And because there was a little rounding, these don't make a perfectly on 100%. But, um, you tell us just a matter of rounding

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