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Problem 51 Hard Difficulty

Menthol $(\mathscr{M}=156.3 \mathrm{g} / \mathrm{mol})$ , the strong-smelling substance in many cough drops, is a compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When 0.1595 $\mathrm{g}$ of menthol was burned in a combustion apparatus, 0.449 $\mathrm{g}$ of $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$ and 0.184 $\mathrm{g}$ of $\mathrm{H}_{2} \mathrm{O}$ formed. What is menthol's molecular formula?


Molecular formula: $\mathrm{C}_{10} \mathrm{H}_{20} \mathrm{O}$


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Video Transcript

we have a chemical common call. Manfro. We've been with the mass once. This explain the frequent promote. So what would be the market from there? Where we have our compound being Ah, undergo compassion. We actually reacting with oxygen is about use carbon dioxide and water only. Okay, so first of all, we have to find out of the number most of cabin on also number mo for hydrogen and also the number more oxygen. And they would have us to have determined the molecule from the Okay. So from here, how can we found that bomb bomb also carbon If we look at the combustion reaction over here, off key minded is no parents justice, no parents, so the carbon will be converted. You coming outside. And also the hydrogen will convert you hydrogen. Ah, honey. Water and the oxygen. But we have to addicts except I mean, like external source of oxygen. So it may not be helpful for us to foul the at your amount off oxygen for by simply from Syria to and also water. But still a tree and Watergate have a sniff out the number of more of cabin and also hydrogen. Okay, So let's find out. Ah, number mo off. Ah, Theo to first. So lumberman will see with your vehicles to our soup 0.4 for nine grand promote divided by our, um for the mass off. See oats You. So it would be equal to 44 grand. Per mo. This is for you for GrandPre mo. So super info for now. Identified by 44. So we have zero for 0102 Most off go to our people for each. See, with you we have 11 carpet. So the lumber removal carbon Maybe also because this syrup are serial one No, two more. Okay, so say anything. We're going to afford a number Move a hydrant. But we start with water So we're simple one a four gram and then for water 80 Quimper mo. And there were still pointing Ah, when a four year by 18. So we have 0.102 mo off water off water. However we have to filed Ah, the actual number mofo individual hydrogen. So we're going to multiply this number by to the water bites you again. Because for each water, we have to, um, also we have a few hydrogen. So we're 400 aware soup on 02 old foremost. And then for our coming. We're simple 0 1/2 boats. All right, So how about, um Hostages? How about oxygen? How can we find our oxygen? So from here from here. Um, actually, I missed one of the information. Giffin from here we have soup on 1595 for him off my rifle being burnt. So, um so, yeah, I left that given rations. This course went into the mass off the math of it being burnt. Okay, so we have two number mo off carbons, and then we have the lumber. Momo's off. Ah! Ah, 100. Right. So we just have Thio convert that to mass and every juice out. So to mass off our info tits of tractor, hydrogen and carbon. And then we have to remain a master. Be awesome Gin, that's all. They're Regan. Father limbo most. Okay, so ah left. Ah, let's convert to the mass of common. We quickly So we have civil was fun. So far. So 102 most time, 12. So for cabin, we received from 1 to 24 grams cell phone went to the program and inform us of hydrogen. We're finding that from our, um, motor number mo and also more than mass because Tebow the mass off hydrogen, it's one. So that's why we essentially Samos the lumber residents are saying it's limbo most. Okay, so we're going to We know that we have a model cop in the civil point. Ah, 12 to 4. You're skipping. Bye. Yeah, we find by multiplied our number most pie. Um uh, actually number Moreover, here times are more the mass times remove the mass And then for ah, hydrogen, you will be equals to cereal porn. See? Wrote. Sure. For Graham and the tool to, um mass Ah will be 0.1595 grams. Okay, So the massive ostrich Everybody close to our 0.1595 grams minus C off 11224 minus zero points to 04 And then we have to find out. Ah, we mean a mass and they're wearin them at a secret syrup on 167 And it is essentially the massive costume. Okay, so the limbo move, Austin, we would take this. Ah, master by 16 and then we should be able to find that is roughly around. Um 0.0 Cellphone. Ciro Ciro one 04 No! Okay, so so. 0.1 No form, no. Okay, So Ah, we are going to look at Ah Bobo. No issue. So for Ah carbonless. Ah, zero point 01 or two. No hydrogen really goes to Ciro Foreign. Ciro. Two or four most. All right, so we have carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. So Ah, we're going to set up a simple swish you so we can find out of the, um, empirical formula. So let me re waste. Ah, some off the information that we don't need it and then we can proceed with the corporations. So why here? We have common cabin to hydrogen, actually cop in coming to hydrogen to oxygen. So we have syrup or 0102 to syrup on Ciro. Too old for to sue, if on seriously, Arroyo four. Okay, so the links that we're going to divide this way show fighters Lowest number. So we have Ah, one silver Couto 41 by Cyril Homes. No. So we have roughly around 20 and we're Silvana 01 over to deal by cell phone. Seriously, 104 So we're we're free. Iran. That's it. So we have C 10 h 20 and no one to be our and pickle formula. Okay, so forthis Ah, and people fall in the we should be able to find that Ah, he's He goes through 1 56 gram per mo for this empirical formula. Okay, so what? I didn't say I go into a lot of moral issue and they're gonna established simples wish you and I can Father and pre cofounder off our, um Ah, Madame Ethel. And then I calculate the, um, chemical formula. The muscle mangle foreigner is one V six Quimper moves and they're going to look at Okay, How many? Um multiple. I have to multiply our and empirical formula to give the molecular formula. As you can see, that we come early. It's one through six. Quimper mo and also the more on the mass is also one of roughly one for six. So we see that the Multivariate roughly around one so essentially for his case and Rico form there also, you go through the Mullican for mother. We will be close to seize hand um 12 and no one