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Problem 62 Easy Difficulty

mmh During a storm, a tree limb breaks off and comes to rest across a barbed wire fence at a point that is not in the middle between two fence posts. The limb exerts a downward force of 151 N on the wire. The left section of the wire makes an angle of $14.0^{\circ}$ relative to the horizontal and sustains a tension of 447 $\mathrm{N}$ . Find the magnitude and direction of the tension that the right section of the wire sustains.


436 $\mathrm{N}$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "in this problem. We have a current carrying wire supported horizontally by two posts carrying some curd I to the right in this case here. And we know that the magnetic field that this wire is in makes an angle of 60 degrees with respect to the current. No, We also know the magnitude of the force that is acting on this wire because of the current traveling through this magnetic field. Remember currents or charges? So charged particles are moving through a magnetic field, the experience of force. Now we have a new expression that gives us the magnitude of the magnetic force acting on a wire carrying current I when the wire is of length l right, we need to remember we also know the length of this wire help and meat. We know the magnitude magnetic field and then the angle between the direction of the current in the direction of the magnetic field in this case were asked, what is the magnitude of magnetic field? If we're given a particular force magnetic force that this wire feels in this case, it 0.15 minutes. So you want to know the magnitude magnetic field we can solve for B then and that gives us the equation of poking in the magnitude of the magnetic force and then dividing by the value of the current, the length of the wire and sine of the angle between the current direction and the magnetic field direction. Okay, then I were pretty much done. Just got a plug in everything. What is the value of the force that this wire feels? 0.15 Newtons. The current is carrying is 75 amps. The blink The wire is 45 meters and the angle between the magnetic field in the wire is 60 degrees. We plug all of this in and we see we get an answer of the magnitude magnetic field. Uh, through which this current is traveling is 5.1 times 10 to the negative five teslas."}