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Problem 32 Easy Difficulty

Multiple choice: Select the best answer for Exercises 29 to 32.
A sample survey interviews SRSs of 500 female college students and 550 male college students. Each student is asked whether he or she worked for pay last summer. In all, 410 of the women and 484 of the men say “Yes.” Exercises 29 to 31 are based on this survey.
In an experiment to learn whether Substance M can help restore memory, the brains of 20 rats were treated to damage their memories. The rats were trained to run a maze. After a day, 10 rats (determined at random) were given M and 7 of them succeeded in the maze. Only 2 of the 10 control rats were successful. The two-sample z test for “no difference” against “a significantly higher proportion of the M group succeeds”
(a) gives $z=2.25, P<0.02$
(b) gives $z=2.60, P<0.005$
(c) gives $z=2.25, P<0.04$ but not $<0.02$
(d) should not be used because the Random condition is violated.
(e) should not be used because the Normal condition is violated.


(e) should not be used because the Normal condition is violated.


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Video Transcript

problem. 32. The normal requirements required that the number off failures in the number off successes off both samples are must be greater than 10. So we know that seven successes in the first in the first Temple and two successes in the second sample eso the normal requirement is not satisfied, so I will choose he that should not should not be with because normal conditions is violated.