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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Name all the equal vectors in the parallelogram shown.


$$\overrightarrow{A B}=\overrightarrow{D C}, \overrightarrow{D A}=\overrightarrow{C B}, \overrightarrow{D E}=\overrightarrow{E B}, \overrightarrow{E A}=\overrightarrow{C E}$$


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Video Transcript

in this problem we are asked that name all the equal vectors in the parallelogram showed say so your first is given A B. Is equal to work. So the baby will be I'm just telling the answers first and I'll tell you why it is. So so it's a busy quest to deceive weapon. This is answered. And D. A. Equals two CB vector. And for the third question it is the easy equals two TV vector and he is equal to vector C. E. So why is it? So so let us see the diagram. This is uh this is uh this is a parallelogram. You can say A. B. C. D. Which is where you can say Evie is a little too. Okay. Game see. Yeah. Right. And you can say A D. Is palette or Alright. And distract me. This should be like this. D. C. Should be like this. Okay, so now here A. B. Z. Equals two babies. Panel director A. B. Or you can say channel to the sea and once again D. A. Is badly too C. B. Right? So when they're parallel then the distance between them will be eat these lines. If you talk about a B N G C better. Right? So here Both vector will be equidistant. So this means that Eddie will be equals two C. B. Thanks. So. And uh and conversely if we say that if D. A. And C. B. Is parallel to each other, then it should be equal distance. That is A. B is equal to D. C. Right? So that's why this this came. This answer came and this answer came right? Oh yeah, no by D. E. Is equal to E. B. D. E is equal to E. V. Because the parallelogram bisect the diagnosis of the parallelogram, bisect each other. Right? So it should be bisecting each other. So that means the evil response to eat. It is simply, and we can also say E. A. Is equal to C. E. Right? So this is how we solve this problem. Thank you for watching.