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Problem 53 Medium Difficulty

Name an element in the fourth period (row) of the periodic table with:

a. five valence electrons
b. four 4p electrons
c. three 3d electrons
d. a complete outer shell



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Video Transcript

So in this podcast, we're just taking a look at some of the basic properties off some of the elements within our periodic table. So we know that elements are placed in our periodic table, but based on their electron configuration on, the first thing we will be looking at is a five Valence electron fourth period element so fast that we need to think about is our electron configuration. So I might think about our snack. Take a look at that electron configuration. Philip are gone that noble gas than we have three d 10 for us to and full peace three. So you can see that in our for show that we have a total off five electrons on then one more example We've got vanadium. So the electron configuration here we've got all gone three d three for us to you can see again We've got a total of five electrons here. So in the next part, we are looking for 44 p electrons. And so I might look at selenium on If we take a look at the electron configuration that will explain. So Phillips Wagon three d 10 for us to for P two So you count up the electrons inthe e and equals four shot. We've got four electrons next, looking for 33 D electrons. So again I might look at vanadium cause our electron configuration A are three D three for us two. You can see that we have a superscript three. So we've got three electrons in the three D shell. Lastly, we've got d We've got a complete out of shelf. So when we have a complete out of shout, this is a noble gas. So we might look at crypt on. So you might notice that all of the groups of elements are often names similar. Like with our noble gasses, For example, we have all gone here, crypt on. They all have the same ending of their name. So we have a three d 10. So that's full for us to well, again, four p six. That is full again. Thank you. Yeah,

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