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Problem 57 Medium Difficulty

Name the type of organic compound from each description of the functional group: (a) polar group that has only single bonds and does not include O or N; (b) group that is polar and has a triple bond; (c) group that has single and double bonds and is acidic in water; (d) group that has a double bond and must be at the end of a C chain


a. alkyl halide
b. alkyl cyanide
c. alkyl acid
d. aldehyde


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Video Transcript

right. So this question were dio kind of identifying the functional group based on a short description that they give us. Um, so the 1st 1 right? A. They describe a polar group that has only single bonds but does not include oxygen or nitrogen. Um, so one potential solution is just a file, right? Ah, file being just are and then s h uh, Now, this fits the criteria because, like, you can see, it only has a single bond. But the sulphur is more Electra negative than any carbon is going to be. So you're going to form a die pull around the sulfur. Similar. I was like you would with just an alcohol. All right, so for part B Ah, we're describing a group that is polar and contained triple bonds. Eso The first thing that springs to mind for me is a night trial where I have ah end triple bonded to a carbon which is then bottled two in our group. Now, obviously this polar, because the nitrogen being very Electra negative and having that triple bond forms a die port. All right then. Lastly, we have this one where we have a group that has a double bond, but it needs to terminate the carbon chain. So needs to be the very, very end. I'm one thing you could write is you could include another hide on. The reason is that the AL Jihad needs to be at the end of the carbon chain because it has to have just that single high option there. Obviously, you can't have the car boxful group in the middle. Otherwise would be a key tone. Not now, the hide. So I guess I should probably right out of hide, all right?

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