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Problem 100 Medium Difficulty


There are 3 molecules of water in narceine.


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Video Transcript

so we have provided. Ah, listened, Arkan. Forma. I mean, I can precipitate and former hydrate. Ah, so but we just don't know how many water. There's what we ever ate. And if we had the mullahs masses from this 499.5 to Quimper Mole and by 10% 10 point a person a massive, studious water. So what would be the ah, number off aches in here? Okay, so this fine, No, the actual, um come on the mass off water in the an hour, Um, chemical formula. So the mill emus off water. We know that it's a 10.8% so we can just How about more than mass off the overall? Mal que? Um Ah. Well, it's light 10.8%. And then we should be able to find the mast. A quest wanting to water. All right, so we have 499.52 times are so upon. One sore eight. So we should have 50. Flee point, um, night. Ah, five grand promote. And all those mass should become from water. So you come from mortar. Okay. So Ah, in other words, so Ah, we don't know how many? Um, how many? Multiple water of her? Um um all cure. So we just for the cakes. And the more the mass of more water is 18 gram per mo and then issue Pecos Toot Ah, mass that we calculate for now more than mess. All right, so we just saw for this equation we should be able to find Ah, lovely aces. Right around 2.99 And then it's around 40. We were looking at the lumber off mortem water molecule. You cannot be a fresh in memory can be a whole number. So we're looking at the closest whole number, so we're going to write up. So we with Louis. So that's why Exley will be equal to three. And we have three water inside the mark. You