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Problem 48 Easy Difficulty


empirical formula: $\mathrm{C}_{5} \mathrm{H}_{7} \mathrm{N}$


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Video Transcript

So we're keeping the the coating. Um Ah, the number of more composition of nicotine. So we're 6416 Really more carbon point 56 minimal off Hutchinson. One foreign to family, more off the engine. So what would be the empirical form of off the coating? Um, we're going to look for the, um the more the way show the simple small from racial between all our animals. So we're C H and n ch. And then so from C, we have 6.1 sick. We need more, and we know that we need movies. Ah, potential minus five more after 10 miles. Three most. So therefore, we're going to mother by tens. You might sleep to 8.56 times henge in last week to 1.23 I intend to the mostly as you can. Oh, yes. You can see, you can see the ethical family they already minimal. And we're looking for the way show. So actually, the attention as well it's not very important here. We were looking for Rachel. So we're going thio low at the waiter region 6116 to 8.56 and also 1.2 or three again, we're going to divide the whole way show by the smallest number, the small swimmer would be one point to a free. So we're six form wasn't the way about one point. Truth. We so swear around five. And then we're exploring 5 60/1 corn Truth we so swiftly around seven and that we have one. So therefore empirical former received 567 and one for the coating.