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Problem 124 Hard Difficulty


a) NO
b) $\mathrm{m}(\mathrm{O})=1,14 \mathrm{g}$
a) $\mathrm{N}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{3}$
b) $\mathrm{m}(\mathrm{O})=1.7 \mathrm{lg}$
III $)$
a) $\mathrm{N}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{5}$
b) $m(O)=2.86 g$


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Video Transcript

everyone thes question is very long. So I will answer by details. The first part and similar is the second the Bard and served for the first part. We have combat consists off only nitrogen and oxygen on Lee. So we have a percentage off nitrogen which is equal 46 born, six mine. So he's ever sent it off oxygen. It will be if we suppose that the total is 100. So 194 6.6 mine. So the percentage er off oxygen is 53 points three months. This percentage is by masked. So to calculate the risks you off nitrogen toe oxygen you will convert the mass to number of more. So we will divine this percentage off 93 Jinbei Yes, Atomic mass 14. To convert it to a number of Les. Also for oxygen, we will convert 53.31 and the divine It buys atomic mass off oxygen to convert into a number of new. So now the region Between them, it will be one toe mom. So that's mean The former compound is an O. So now we can see the each you want. Nitrogen reacted with one oxygen to form A No. So is that theoretical mask off these nitrogen is one times buys the atomic mass of nitrogen which is for King Easy equivalent. The number off oxygen which one times by atomic mass is 60. So each one times my opportunities is represented a heretical week off nitrogen that act with this theoretical way off nicely. So if the mass off night vision is one gram So how much is a mask off oxygen? So we will may Crossing time born one boys is and dividing by this we can see that the weight off oxygen is equal one times one times were 16 and it divided by one the times boy 14. So the way off oxygen equivalent is 1.1 for Graham. So by these missile, you can answer the second part in the certain part. So I will give you hear the ants first is a nitrogen divided by the oxygen will be toe by five. So that's a mean. The formula is in tow. Oh, fine. And you will rise a reaction toe and blasts five. Sorry, the 2nd 1 is two times by three. So in two or three. So it will be to nitrogen in the three. Oxygen will firm is a product in tow. Oh, Street. So we were right to times by 14 is equivalent to three times by 16. So if we have long Graham So how many Graham here also by crossing you will found the weight off oxygen become 1.17 Sorry. 171 z seven. Want seven Juan Graham. So here again, 17 Yeah. Similar is a certain one. We were founded. The issue off nitrogen toe oxygen will be toe fine. So the formula is in tow. Fine. And we can calculate is a mess from the equation. Tau him plus five o Ys for in tow. 05 and similar to times by 14 is equivalent five times. Why 16. So if we have here along ground So how many Graham oxygen by system must've crossing. We will found it. 2.86 gram. Thank you