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Problem 129 Medium Difficulty

Nitrogen monoxide reacts with elemental oxygen to form nitrogen dioxide. The scene at right represents an initial mixture of reactants. If the reaction has a 66$\%$ yield, which of the scenes below $(\mathrm{A},$ $\mathrm{B},$ or $\mathrm{C}$ ) best represents the final product mixture?




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Video Transcript

given a picture representing a reaction, we can make a prediction about the products and how Maney products should. For So, for example, here shows us the reactions of nitrogen, monoxide and oxygen. The reds represent the oxygen, and the blues represent the nitrogen. When they react, they form nitrogen dioxide so we can write our balanced equation for this process. Nitrogen monoxide is an O and oxygen is 02 to form nitrogen dioxide and oh, to you can see the picture for nitrogen dioxide. Looks like this. So what we need to choose between is whether we have Onley. Nitrogen will not dioxide at the end or, if there's some remaining, reacted. So this becomes a limiting re agent problem. So we have to balance the equation to hear and to hear and then looking at my picture, you can see that when I start out, I have three moles of oxygen and 123456 moles of nitrogen monoxide. So this becomes a limiting re agent problem. But to do that, you take our moles and convert two moles of product in whichever one is smaller is the amount produced. If I have six moles N o. The balanced equation tells me that for every two moles, now that I know, I should produce two moles of n 02 where I should produce six malls. Product. If I have three moles of oxygen, I'll produce two moles with No. Two for every one mole because that's the coefficients from the balanced equation or six moles. So in this case, neither reacted is limiting. They're both in the appropriate amounts and so it should make six moles of product. But my yield tells me that I only make 66% So six times 60.66 is four moles. And so if I look at the picture again, picture that has four moles of n 02 and no remaining others is a And so the correct answer is a