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Problem 23

What is osmosis? What is osmotic pressure?

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Problem 22

Number of States with 10 or More
Electoral Votes in 2008
In $2008,$ there were 21 states with 10 or more
electoral votes, as shown in the table above. Based on
the table, what was the median number of electoral
votes for the 21 states?
$$\begin{array}{l}{\text { A) } 13} \\ {\text { B) } 15} \\ {\text { C) } 17} \\ {\text { D) } 20}\end{array}$$

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Video Transcript

So, first of all, if we're looking for the medium was going to find that really quick. Well, median is just the middle number when the data points are arranged from lowest heist. So then we'LL think about how we read this frequency distribution table. So frequency distribution is a little bit different and that this tells us how many of this we have. So we have four tenants that's excellent. Turned ten times ten four Elevens, betweens that eleven one on one Pleven one twelve. So one twelve one thirteen So on so forth. That's how we read that frequency distribution table. And then it says that we want to find the median of that. So then if we want to find the median and we know that, then we have to first find out how many states there were, which it says that they're twenty one states. Twenty one is the total number of data points. So then we have to find a middle of twenty one. So then we just divide that by two, and that gives us ten point five in which frees when we have an odd number of data points. We just have to round up. So this one is going to be the eleventh state of point is going to be immediate. It was, for example, if we had three data points eight, nine and eleven, you just take that three. Divide that by two because one point five, we round up to two. So then your second data point is going to be the meat in which works. So then, that we know that if you want to pick the level data point, the first through the foreign are for ten, just through the eighth are eleven. Ninth is twelve. Tenth is thirteen eleven through thirteenth is fifteen, so we know that fifteen is going to be our medium.

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