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Problem 5

Write each equation in standard form. Identify A,…


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Problem 4

On January $1,1999,$ the euro became legal tender in 11 participating countries in Europe. Based on the exchange rate on one particular day, the linear function $d(x)=0.8881 x$ could be used to convert $x$ euros to U.S. dollars.
On that day, what was the value in euros of 500 U.S. dollars?





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Video Transcript

in this problem, it gives us the function. Deal Vics is equal to 0.8881 x as a way to cover euros to us dollars with Ex being your Euros, Andy of X, equally your U S. Dollars. So this question and wants to know what was the value of euros of $500. So if D of X equals 500 you wouldn't know what is X. So we plug in 502 d of X equals 0.8881 x we divide off 0.8881 On both sides, these will cancel out and expense of equaling $562 in 99 cents.

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