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Problem 24 Easy Difficulty


$\mathrm{N}(\mathrm{O})=1,43^{*} 10^{24}$ atoms


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Video Transcript

So we have to find a number off all such an atom. Ah, we're being 38. Porn still, Grandma. Oxygen gas, which is also there. My assaulted from the longing around 50 minutes when a person is an address. Okay, First off, for all we have to pay attention that we're looking at the lumber off hostages atom So individual, not attractive. And we have 38 porn, zero grandma sausage in gas and have to remind you that for oxygen, gas is also your molecules is over too. Well, first of all, we had to fire the lumbar More sausages? Yes, first, So ah, number more off oxygen. Uh, molecule. So there's always your safari. Six point Ah, point. Oh, over the morning mass off oxygen. So, facial surgeon, you're 16 or two times six Team Graham Permal and essentially is the floor. It's true. So we have 30 60 Wild by referred me to you for start 48 e y by ferry to you and then we should be able to find that it should be equal. So roughly 1.1, uh, most okay, but this is the number one most off you know to So the actual bone, most off individual oxygen for your for each other, More molecule of two oxygen. So we just wouldn't move by this lumber bites you. So 1.19 times two. We have 2.38 Uh, both. All right. So very comfortable. Most to, um the lumber mark you. So it's number off hostage and walk you. We just need to take the lumber almost multiplied by ivory guys. Your lumber. And then we have to lumber off, um, atoms. All atoms for individual atoms. So and then for this kid, Yes. And then we got going to use our code later. We should be able to find out. Is what? The 1.43 times 10 to the power 24 atoms. And he's the answers.