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Problem 2 Medium Difficulty

Ozone decomposes to oxygen according to the equation 2 ${O}_{3}(g) \rightarrow 3 {O}_{2}(g)$ . Write the equation that relates the rate expressions for this reaction in terms of the disappearance of ${O}_{3}$ and the formation of oxygen.


$v=\frac{\Delta c\left(O_{3}\right)}{-2 \cdot \Delta t}$
$v=\frac{\Delta c\left(O_{2}\right)}{3 \cdot \Delta t}$


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Video Transcript

how everyone says Ricky. And today we're working on a problem number two from Chapter 12. And in this question, in this question, we're going to be determining the rate of or how the rate of disappearance of ozone is related to the rate of formation of oxygen. So first, let's ah, let's write down what these individual rates are so rate. Oh, ozone disappearance is equal to the negative change the concentration of ozone over time. While the rate of oh to formation is equal to positive, uh, change Jim in the concentration of oxygen for your time. And so the way that these air related, we have to look at the story que metric, um, figures. So we have to ozone purse three oxygen. That means rates is equal to negative 1/2 Delta concentration of oxygen over DT, which is equal to positive 1/3 Delta concentration of oxygen. Oh, sir. Time. And what this is saying is in the time that it takes to lose, too Uh oh, zones being make three oxygen's. So I hope this video is helpful