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Problem 24 Easy Difficulty

Ozone gas is a form of elemental oxygen containing molecules with three oxygen atoms, $\mathrm{O}_{3}$ . Ozone is produced from atmospheric oxygen gas, $\mathrm{O}_{2},$ by the high-energy outbursts found in lightning storms. Write the unbalanced equation for the formation of ozone gas from oxygen gas.


The equation can be written as:
$0.5 O_{2}(g)+$light$\rightarrow O(g)$
$O_{2}(g)+O(g) \rightarrow O_{3}(g)$


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Video Transcript

Okay, so we want to write this formation of ozone in a chemical equation. So we know that the product we're looking for is, oh, zones. And we're gonna write it here on the right side of our equation. And we are told that ozone is 03 guests and we're told that it eyes produced, uh, when oxygen in the air, which we know that oxygen that exists in the air is, oh to gas. And when it interacts with or reacts with, cause, uh, lightning, you will write as light. Uh, what is happening is that 02 is broken up into two O's. Oh, gas plus o gas and oxygen, uh, is unstable as a single atom. So when other oh to gas exists in the air, it reacts quickly with those single oxygen atoms floating around hand becomes that ozone. And since we're looking for an unbalanced equation, we can leave this just like this. So