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Problem 106

Hydrogen and methanol have both been proposed as …

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Problem 105

Palmitic acid (C16H32O2) is a dietary fat found in beef and butter. The caloric content of palmitic acid is typical of fats in general. Write a balanced equation for the complete combustion of palmitic acid and calculate the standard enthalpy of combustion. What is the caloric content of palmitic acid in Cal >g? Do the same calculation for table sugar (sucrose, C12H22O11). Which dietary substance (sugar or fat) contains more Calories per gram? The standard enthalpy of formation of palmitic acid is -208 kJ>mol, and that of sucrose is -2226.1 kJ>mol. (Use H2O(l) in the balanced chemical equations because the metabolism of these compounds produces liquid water.)


=3.9247 \mathrm{cal} / \mathrm{g}



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Video Transcript

the compassion off problematic acid is represented as shown, we have the balance chemical equation off the compassion reaction we're here. The changing and Talebi can be determined from the products minus the reactors, which gives us a changing in Talebi off negative, 10,660 0.8. We know the conversion factor off one kilo. Jule off energy is equal to 0.38 The heat off the reaction for the above chemical detection is negative. To told him 537 calories. The amount off released program can be determined from the unitary method, which gives us 9.8948 calories per gram. We have the compassion reaction off Sue Cruz as represented. Using the same formulas, we can determine the change in and tell a B, which is negative. Five toes in 639.7 kilo. Jules, we convert the energy from kilo jewels into calories, converting it. We have negative 1342 points 248 calories. From the above calculation, we can say that the fat contains more calories per gram, then sugar

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