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Problem 59 Easy Difficulty

Paying for championships Does paying high salaries lead to more victories in professional sports? The New York Yankees have long been known for having Major League Baseball’s highest team payroll. And over the years, the team has won many championships. This strategy didn’t pay off in 2008, when the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. Maybe the Yankees didn’t spend enough money that year. The graph below shows histograms of the salary distributions for the two teams during the 2008 season. Why can’t you use this graph to effectively compare the team payrolls?


Scales on the horizontal axis is very different in the two histograms


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September 29, 2020

Here is another graph of the 2008 salary distributions for the Yankees and the Phillies. Write a few sentences comparing these two distributions.

Video Transcript

this question gives our two bar graphs comparing the salaries off Yankees and Phillies. And the question at the end is, Why can't you use this craft effectively compared the team player rules? And the reason for that is that the scales on both the X and Y axes are different. And when the scales are two grafts are so different, you cannot make any meaningful comparisons between those two graphs.