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Problem 6 Medium Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$0.5\left(5 r^{2}+3.2 r-6\right)-\left(1.7 r^{2}-2 r-1.5\right)$$


$\therefore 0.5\left(5 r^{2}+3.2 r-6\right)-\left(1.7 r^{2}-2 r-1.5\right)=0.8 r^{2}+3.6 r-1.5$


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Video Transcript

Okay, So whenever we are trying to simplify some expression, um, remember, we have the acronym which is hemmed us. So P is our parentheses. He's our exponents. Em is our multiplication D's division. A addition and subtraction. So, for here, um, we see parentheses, but all the terms inside the princes are already and simplest form, so we can move on to e. Uh, the exponents also and symbols form R squared R and the constant terms. So now we moved to em, which in multiplication. So we're going to help you see some multiplication. Here. We have 1/2 times this quantity and negative one times second quantity. So let's let's do that. So 1/2 times five r squared is, uh, 1/2 times five r squared is a 2.5 are square 1/2 times 3.2 are going to be a plus. 1.6 are 1/2 times negative. Six is a minus three and then here we have negative one times. Uh, every term in here, So negative. One times 1.7 r squared is a negative 1.7 R squared negative one times negative to our is a positive to our and the negative. One times negative 1.5 is a positive 1.5. So So after we see this, we have R Squared R, and then it's constant term. So we consume five based off of this. So 2.5 R squared minus 1.7 r squared is there a point? Eight are squirt and then 1.6 r plus two are is plus three 0.6 are and then negative three plus 1.5 is minus 25 and that that's our in.