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University of California - Los Angeles



Problem 9 Easy Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$(3 t-2 y)(3 t+5 y)$$


$\therefore(3 t-2 y)(3 t+5 y)=9 t^{2}+9 t y-10 y^{2}$


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Video Transcript

this question were given this formula here three T minus two. Why three Cheap plus five. And were asked to perform the indicated operations, which would be to distribute this out and multiply these terms together and again. What we're gonna be using is foyle, which stands for first outside, inside and last. So the first terms we're going to refer to these three cheese that's well, diverse. So we d'oh! Three tee times three t Now we do the outside. Which would be this. Three tea and five wives. No, we get is plus 15 to you. Why? We're actually let me you do this. Let's re write this actually as three t times. Why? And that was Look at the inner which will be this to y and Petey. So it was almost plus minus two. Why Times the last would be the l, which stands for last. That's when the beat this Jew y and five white term. So this this minus two. Why, no you need to do is just carrier. It's just revolted by working together. Neck is this 90 square plus three team kinds. Five. Why? Which is 15 t? Why? Times minus to life. Three. T six My team and now our last terms. Are this minus two? Why? And five. Why? So that would give us mind. Since I swear now we have these two life terms in the middle. I love it. Let's combine those 15 t y minus six wide lying to you. I miss 10 White Square. It's right here is with the Ark final solution after we distribute everything in wanted by the Germans.