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Problem 26 Hard Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$(3 x+y)^{3}$$


$9 x^{3}+27 x^{2} y+9 x y^{2}+y^{3}$


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Video Transcript

All right, so today we're gonna learn, do furious plus y two Q power. Just gotta remember that one there anything is squared, cubed or any number exponentially. That just means that it's that number to the exponential Looked like this, right? Because the mystery explains why that's true. That's why, Squire, How do you know how many three x plus wiser are this variety exponential. So when you hear oil, this is the first outside inside last. So you want once by a huge number by age never just met her teeth Her place so got 983 x That was three years, which is that I X squared extents Why this tree is quiet. But why intends to Jax when the white tents Why Why squared Combine your life terms six. That's why little about the numbers down and that's that part. Result this Bring this part of lower again our last three x plus y here Just, uh So if you want oil again, there's a parentheses so boiled Just remember to keep your place won't supply December by each number. So do 90 squared times three x 27. Thank you excreted. Thanks. Why build square. Why? But six exploring since three Jacks. Hey, Thanks for her. Why? Why times? Why? Which is six. Thanks. Why Square, but blessed by square times. Three eggs just like that. So what square and the last great time is? Why? Which is more huge? I'm gonna go ahead and combine my parents here. Here? Yes, Thanks. And you know ex wife scream. Who are you? The numbers down. That is your answer. Oh.