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Problem 8 Easy Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$6 x\left(-2 x^{3}+5 x+6\right)$$


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Video Transcript

so we need to multiply. So we need to multiply this mano meal with this Tra NAMI in, we will use the distributive property. What is the distributive property? It gives this term outside The parenthesis system which is outside the parenthesis, will be multiplied by each, um, one by one. Okay, so that is six x will be multiplied by minus two x Q separately. Then take sex would be multiplied by five x and then six sex with will be multiplied by six. So let's see what happens. Uh, so this is a mono meal and this is a binomial. Monami has one term to a normal has three terms which will reserve too. Result will be a freedom that is cry, NAMI, and result will also be a cry nominal. So let's multiply. Uh huh. He thinks X will be multi bad, right for us to them. Seconded. So six X multiplied by minus two to the power it but it had been excused. Equals six into minus two. Gives us minus 12 a negative close, then x multiplied by X cube. Well, give us further the Excalibur return it next to the part one and excuse has been extinct that it human defied us one plus three, right? So it will be minus 12 extra dip our fourth. It will be a very first down in the present and expression No. Six X will be identified by second time fighting. So it will give us six x my textile by find X will give us six multiplied by five is 30 exploitative by access X grab. It will be positive because both numbers are positive. So second expression term will be 30 square No. Six x will be multiplied by thanks. So six X multiplied by six will give us next Multiple basics will be 36 and okay, so a resultant expression will be minus when X to depart full plus 30 extra square, then again, was too 36. Yeah, this is about deserted expression which will have three terms that it's Akron Ami in the six x multiplied by minus two Excuse plus five x plastics Using distributive property. Result toe negative of wealth X to the powerful plus 30 x squared plus 36 x