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University of California - Los Angeles



Problem 10 Easy Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$(9 k+q)(2 k-q)$$


$(9 k+q)(2 k-q)=18 k^{2}-7 k q-q^{2}$


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Video Transcript

All right, so in this, probably at the tube is we're giving these two terms nine K plus you two K minus Q. And we just need to multiply and distribute and expand this equation here, and we use foil to do that. Remember, Foil stands for first outside inside last, and that's just pretty much the order of operations that would be doing so. First, we had a nine K and two K. Let's multiply together, which will give us 18 case where and now we're going to go to the outside, which would be the 90 times. Q. I'll give us nine k Q and must be mindful. Disappear action sine minus sign area here. Next is going to be the inside, which will be the Q and the two K and that will give us two. Q Kay, unless we're not least, we're goingto have thes two queues here and I will give us us Huse where and we have these two like terms here and once we combined these eyes right here and we shall give us seven. Thank you, plus Q Square, and this will be the answer to these two terms fully expanded