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Problem 2 Medium Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$\left(-4 y^{2}-3 y+8\right)-\left(2 y^{2}-6 y-2\right)$$


$\therefore\left(-4 y^{2}-3 y+8\right)-\left(2 y^{2}-6 y-2\right)=-6 y^{2}+3 y+10$


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Video Transcript

Okay, so this is a questions about Paulino me. Um and we have to subject subject to y squared minus six white mice to from minus four Y square minus tree. Wipe us. So let's see how we do it. So first we have to remove all the apprentices. So for the off for the first plant is if we just remove it because there's a plus you. So we just remove it. So we get it here. And the second polynomial desert minus. Sign here. So we have to multiply a minus one. Yeah, so? So we have to multiply minus one in tow. TheStreet comes and we get my ass too. Why? Square minus six time months. One week get plus six. Why my story? Time minus one. We get pass too. And we have to at them, you know, for the light term. So this term minus four White Square and must Huy Square at, like terms. So I just used another up Another color of pen tour Remind myself So my street, I am past six wife. And lastly plus it and bus tour. So we have to We have to at the light. Trump's so much. Four square minus two Wise plaice minus two white square If you get minus six white square and minus tree white plus six. Why we get past tree y plastic? Plus, do we get past 10? So this is the finance, sir. Okay. Thank you for washing.