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Problem 5 Easy Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$\left(0.613 x^{2}-4.215 x+0.892\right)-0.47\left(2 x^{2}-3 x+5\right)$$


$\left(0.613 x^{2}-4.215 x+0.892\right)-0.47\left(2 x^{2}-3 x+5\right)=-0.327 x^{2}-2.805 x-1.458$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "kids from has this friendly The difference between two opponent meals 0.613 X squared minus 4.215 x plus 0.892 We have my s 0.47 times two x where my eyes three x plus by So the first step to this would be to distribute that negative 0.47 That's going to give us negative 0.94 X squared Ah, plus 23 times 230.47 one plank for one x minus point for seven times. So minus 2.35 Come on. In your x squared terms, 0.613 minus 0.94 is gonna be negative. 0.3 to 7 x squared that we have 4.215 negative. 4.215 plus one point for one that's gonna give us negative 2.805 In our last term, we're gonna 0.89 to minus 2.35 which is negative 1.458 Okay, so our final answer is zero point negative. 0.3 to 7 x squared, minus 2.805 x minus 1.458 Thank you very much."}