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Problem 14 Easy Difficulty

Perform the indicated operations.
$$\left(\frac{3}{4} r-\frac{2}{3} s\right)\left(\frac{5}{4} r+\frac{1}{3} s\right)$$


$\therefore\left(\frac{3}{4} r-\frac{2}{3} s\right)\left(\frac{5}{4} r+\frac{1}{3} s\right)=\frac{15}{16} r^{2}-\frac{7}{12} r s-\frac{2}{9} s^{2}$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "to perform this subtraction when you took put our two fractions over common denominator, sir, common denominator would be to our plus three times are limeys and multiply the first reaction by our over our multiply The 2nd 1 by two are plus three over to our cluster. So this means fractions air now five are over. All right, time to our plus three B minus, two times more plus three over our times you are plus three. So now we have a common denominator. We can put it'll all over one denominator, but this is gonna be five r minus. Let's distribute the two. So that's minus four are 96. The bottom is just the bar times to our plus three with the combined light turns on top five R minus four are just are r minus six in the bottom, this far times to our plus 30"}