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Problem 51

Period In Exercises $49-52,$ find the period of t…


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Problem 50

Period In Exercises $49-52,$ find the period of the function.
$$y=7 \tan 2 \pi x$$





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Video Transcript

the question asks us to find the period of the following function. Why equals seven tangent of two pi ACC's? Now there's a simple formula we can use for most triggered a metric functions when we want to find the period and that is period equals to pie over the absolute value of B. Now that be in our formula is simply the value that is paired off with our independent variable inside of the trigger demetrick function. So in this case, be equals to pie. So if we wanted to find the period, all we'd have to do his sub in to pie for B and we find that to pie over to pie equals one. I dropped the absolute value signs because that two pi is positive, so the period of our function is simply one.

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