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Problem 21 Easy Difficulty

Point-masses $ m_i $ are located on the x-axis as shown. Find the moment $ M $ of the system about the origin and the center of mass $ \bar{x} $.




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Video Transcript

in this problem were given to point messes, and nowhere has to find a moment about to origin, and nowhere is to find a central mess off this system. Now we know that the moment as summation off messes multiplied by distance to the origin so visually that would be a mess times dis distance Plus this mess on what basis, since that is equal to six times 10 plus nine times 30 at a 60 plus 2 70 So the moment about the origin would be 330 now. We also would like to find export and a central mass off this object and export. Zico, too. Summation message Times distance. That is the moment moment divided by total miss, where we already find a moment in the first part, that is, a 330 summation of messes is nine plus six. So that is 330 divided by 15. So the central mass would be at 22