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Problem 11 Easy Difficulty

Polynomials Complete the following table by stating whether the polynomial is a monomial, binomial, or trinomial; then list its terms and state its degree.


Type: monomial
Terms: $-8$
Degree: 0 .


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Video Transcript

So this question here is providing us with a polynomial and they want us to fill out the table. And so this polynomial that they've given up is a net given us is a negative eight. Remember? Um, I know meal is of the form a X to the K and A is any real number in case and non negative number. So here we have a negative eight. So our type is a mano meal because we only have this one term that's off this form. And remember, it may not be as easy to see, but a negative eight x to the zero gives us this negative eight because acts to the zero is one and negative eight times one is negative eight. And our terms here are just each separate term from this polynomial, so we only have one. So our term is negative eight. And the degree is the highest kay that were provided in this polynomial and here are on Li ke is a zero. So this is a zero degree pollen