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Problem 22

Predict which substance has greater molar entropy…


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Problem 21

Predict the sign of $\Delta S$ for each process:
(a) $\mathrm{O}_{2}(g)(1.0 \mathrm{L} \text { at } 1 \mathrm{atm}) \rightarrow \mathrm{O}_{2}(g)(0.10 \mathrm{L} \text { at } 10 \mathrm{atm})$
(b) $\mathrm{Cu}(s)\left(350^{\circ} \mathrm{C} \text { and } 2.5 \mathrm{atm}\right) \longrightarrow \mathrm{Cu}(s)\left(450^{\circ} \mathrm{C} \text { and } 2.5 \mathrm{atm}\right)$
(c) $\mathrm{Cl}_{2}(g)\left(100^{\circ} \mathrm{C} \text { and } 1 \mathrm{atm}\right) \longrightarrow \mathrm{Cl}_{2}(g)\left(10^{\circ} \mathrm{C} \text { and } 1 \mathrm{atm}\right)$

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