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Problem 25

Predict which substance has greater molar entropy…


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Problem 24

Predict which substance has greater molar entropy. Explain.
(a) $\mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{OH}(l)$ or $\mathrm{C}_{2} \mathrm{H}_{5} \mathrm{OH}(l) \quad$ (b) $\mathrm{KClO}_{3}(s)$ or $\mathrm{KClO}_{3}(a q)$
(c) $\mathrm{Na}(s)$ or $\mathrm{K}(s)$

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Video Transcript

chapter. Tony Problem, 24 is asking us to predict which substance has a greater Muller entropy. So starting off, we have CH 30 H, which so liquid and C two H 50 H, which is also a liquid. This could also be called methanol versus ethanol. In both cases, we have carbon single bonnets, a hydrogen and also bonnet to an oxygen, the way we can tell if there's a difference in the degree of freedom or the moment. Entropy of these molecules is based on the complexity. If we're looking yet ethanol here, you can have rotation amongst all of these bonds. Here they can also vibrate and word, and to spread at work is a lot more potential movement and degree of freedom than something shown here, which is methanol. So ethanol would definitely have a large degree freedom and a larger molder and tippin. Let's look at something else. They were looking at K C L 03 which is a solid versus case, the yellow four, which is and I on. But it's in a quickest solution, so was dissolved in water. We know that if something is a qui is, it has more degrees of freedom. All right, Casey, Yellow three Hope this one, as I mentioned, is a liquid or quickness. We know that if something is in the liquid state or dissolves and I look what it has more degrees of freedom and something in it that's in a solid and that's because these ions and this monk, you're on a break apart. They're gonna separate. They're gonna move around a lot. The interview is going to be dispersed throughout the entire system as opposed to a solid where that energy is located in one location. And lastly, we can look at sodium, which is a solid, and compare that to potassium, which is also in solid. In this case, they're both solid. They both have the same phase. They're both individual, Adam. So what we're looking at is the size of these Adams sodium is found in period three on the periodic table, and potassium is found in period. Force of potassium has a larger atomic size, a larger Moeller Mastin sodium. For this reason, there's more degrees of freedom within this Adam than there would be in sodium. So whatever the substances that have the larger moment in therapy are shown here on the rain

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