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Problem 19 Medium Difficulty

Prove the identity.
$ (\cosh x + \sinh x)^n = \cosh nx + \sinh nx $ ($ n $ any real number)


$\cosh n x+\sinh n x$


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Video Transcript

Okay. Eat of the Expos heat of the night X over too. Plus e to the X minus E to the negative, X over two to the power. And we're just using the agenda list in the textbook. The power on and choose Cancel. We get either the ax to the power and which is either the annex. Okay, Now we have each of the AKs times to over two. Gives us to eat of the attacks over too, which we can now, right as you did it on axe plus e to the negative attacks over two plus feet of the max minus e to the negative. Acts over too. The SEC will want to co sign H. An axe will sign H annex.